I Miss, 2002, 11:10 min

For I Miss, Judd has videod trainspotters at Doncaster station in the north of England. As a station where lots of train lines converge, Doncaster is also a place where men of all ages converge to document the continuous arrival and departure of trains. The obsession of collecting is a seemingly unusual and misunderstood activity.

The men who photograph and record the numbers of trains are perhaps trying to create order in a largely uncontrollable world. By engaging in an endless activity that has no discernible beginning or end, they are involved in a contradictory practice that is both a hobby and an obsession, is both meaningful and meaningless, and which both connects them with a group and isolates them from the world. Within the transitory space of the train station, rivalries and competitiveness can also be seen amongst the trainspotters.