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The Origin is the outcome of Judd’s Stanley Picker Fellowship in Art and Design, Kingston University London. The project culminated with an installation at the gallery, a boat on the River Thames and a series of performances, workshops and events.

The fellowship reflected on Britain’s island status, both literal and metaphorical, and how islands shape the communities that live there. The Origin brought together the people surrounding the gallery – from Kingston University students and academics to local networks, charities and residents. Through a series of workshops and conversations, participants collaborated with Judd to define different aspects of an imagined, temporary community – a rehearsal for an alternative future. 

Imagining this temporary community felt particularly poignant in the divisive political landscape that the project was first developed in. However, The Origin took on greater significance in 2020 when most people were thrust into social isolation and interactions migrated online. Hope, love, solidarity, care and support are all values central to this temporary community’s identity – but have also manifested in the community spirit of our own islands over the last year.  

Through a series of workshops and conversations, participants collaborated with Judd to define different aspects of this imagined, temporary community. A first iteration of the project #TheOriginKingston took place online during the first national lockdown in 2020 – browse their online dialogue here or search for the hashtag #TheOriginKingston on social media. This collaborative project culminated in 2021 with an installation at the Gallery, a boat on the River Thames and a series of performances, workshops and events – a rehearsal for an alternative future.

A large free-standing structure in Stanley Picker Gallery, built by 121 Collective and Architecture at Kingston School of Art (KSA), acted as a focal point for the community, both imagined and real. The structure contained objects and images related to the project that are used to substantiate the community’s existence and sketch out its history and aspirations.

A boat travelled along the River Thames in Kingston facilitating meetings, workshops and performances throughout June and July 2021. Informed by discussions with Canbury and Riverside Association, an architectural intervention designed by Interior Design (KSA) and 121 Collective was fixed to the boat adapting to the needs and aspirations of local people.

by Emily Sowerby, Dominique De Barros, Ellie Laycock, Sophia Nasif, Alex Stillwell. Videos by Tom Line and w.in.c. films

The Origin was produced in collaboration with:

BA Interior Design, Kingston School of Art
Greg Epps, Ersi Ioannidou, Ben Godber, Isobel Dungey, Megan Prior, Freya Chapman, Alexandra Miskufova, Lucy Bildstein, Hettie Shaw

BA and MA Fashion, Kingston School of Art
Caroline Alexander, Maria Piene, Sebastian Nissl, Erin Fairall, Sohyun Lee, Sayeon Kim, Daisy Gray, Eimear Kennedy

MA Music, Kingston School of Art
Michael Gatt, Cynthia Stephens-Himonides, Oded Ben-Tal, Helen Minors, Leah Kardos, Samuele Bianchi, Alex Maisky, Vanessa Fitchett

MSc Project Management for Creative Practitioners, Kingston School of Art
Lande Pratt, Paul Booth, Dominique De Barros, Priti Desai, Poppy Hall, Mehak Verma, Alanna Wells, Litan Fu, Emily Sowerby, Anastasiya Tikhova, Cherry Wong, Sofia Torres, Ching-Fang Wu, Oshan Fenlon-Wilson, Charlotte Addy.

BA Dance, Kingston School of Art
Beatrice Jarvis, Jakub Ujczak, Johanna Panagopoulos, Natalia Linares, Libby Canagasabey, Lucy Beadle

BA Architecture, Kingston School of Art
Gg King, Seth Higgins

MA Museum and Gallery Studies, Kingston School of Art
Helen Wickstead, Chris Horrocks

MA Sustainable Design, Kingston School of Art
Paul Micklethwaite, Himali Patil, Nil Atalay, Eleanor Pile

The Gate
Arlo Yates 

The Grange
Claire Beasley

The Bradbury
Jim Dunk, Lily Jenkins

Writers’ Kingston 
Steve Fowler, Simon Tyrrell, Maria Val De Los Rios, Silje Ree

Refugee Action Kingston
Min Payne, Marwa Belghazi, Liz Templer, Sharon Mehta, Jenny Arokiasamy

Canbury and Riverside Association
John Parrish, Richard Mobbs, Kelly Page

121 Collective
Salah Krichen, Benrico Stripe, Madoka Ellis, Francesca Merton, Josie Marie Brogan, Yasir Ibrahim, Stefan Necula, Pablo Feito Boirac

Dionysios Tsaftaridis – Choreographer

Apostolis Psihramis – Composer

Dancers – The Origin performance, 30 September 2021
Christina PromponaPanagiotis Pavlopoulos, Akti-Magdalini Konstantinou, Vivian Triantafyllopoulou, James Brown

Cellar Door Sounds – Choir
Jacob Ewens, Gabriella Noble

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