The Part Versus the Whole, exhibition and performance (25:00 min), 2018

Combining an eclectic mix of materials from the Victoria Gallery and Museum’s collections and archives, including historic magic lantern slides and the archeological photography of John Garstang, with new objects, performance and film, The Part Versus the Whole by Ben Judd is a commission for the VG&M as part of their New Perspectives 10th anniversary celebrations, curated by Rose Lejeune.

Through The Part Versus the Whole Judd invokes a lost community with its own internal systems, beliefs and taxonomies of knowledge. The installation weaves together threads of mythology with imagined and real histories of characters and architecture from the local environment to create an immersive installation. A performance and an accompanying film imagine this community existing within the VG&M.

The Part Versus the Whole is an invitation to viewers to experience a series of alternative readings of the VG&M, and the city of Liverpool’s history, to reimagine what might have been and to bring its possible futures to life.

Photography: Julian Hughes 
Choreography: Dionysios Tsaftaridis
Musical composition: Apostolis Psichramis
Writer: David Hering
Lanternist: Jeremy Brooker
Costumes: Evi Veropoulou
Performers: Aimee Downing, Emma Lippitt, Sandro Franchini, Leon Armstrong, Nicole Johnstone